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My name is Cheryl Cerda and I have embarked on a journey to bring awareness, health and vitality to anyone that’s ready to live an extraordinary, pain-free and vibrant life. My journey started when I was 17 and working for Jack LaLane in Southern California while I was in University for pre-med. The road to Western medicine took a detour to homeopathy, herbs, nutrition and exercise.

While raising four boys I became a Massage Therapist and learned several different modalities in an attempt to find a service that would give more than just temporary relief to my clients. Not finding that, I became a facilitator in Self-Awareness classes for 12 years and turned to accounting for work. After two of my sons were in body changing accidents a friend of mine told me about WNS and Darrell Wolfe. I read about the course, signed up and the rest is history. I knew that I had found what I was looking for.

Now, being certified in WNS and Whole Life Coach, I am able to offer this knowledge and modality of real healing to my children and everyone else. I will also be Certified in Women’s Pelvic Restoration and Pain-Free Pregnancy and Birth very soon.

I, myself, live the “Perfect Day” everyday using the tools and knowledge acquired in the Certification courses. I wake up every morning full of energy, vitality and excitement for my day. I am passionate about this work and the opportunity to offer it to anyone who is ready for a life full of energy and joy!

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5 star Review
I sought out treatment from Cheryl for a shoulder pain I had been dealing with for over 5 years. After seeking all kinds of alternative treatment, I was living with my pain like it was my new normal. Cheryl gave me the Wolfe Non Surgical and Cell Sonic and after one treatment I can move my arm in places I could not before, the tingling and numbness went away, and I have not had pain! It’s been a complete miracle. After seeing such positive and quick results on myself, I inquired about my 8 y.o. son and had a treatment on him also. We already see improvement in his eyes and he does not complain about them hurting anymore. What a gift to be able to set up his young life for a healthy future.

I am so thankful to Cheryl for her heart and time she committed to helping me and my family heal.


I first saw Cheryl in an interview on Dr. Wolfe FB. Was so excited to hear of a practitioner in Northern California. Thus begun my healing journey to Cheryl’s Health and Vitality Home in the beautiful Redwood forest. I went for a torn meniscus injury. She treated me with the Med Bed, Cellsonic, Wolfe non surgical, and complimentary biotron. I experienced much improvement and circulation. Cheryl is a wealth of knowledge with a generous, loving spirit. My injury is only the beginning of my healing journey and I’ve gained a lifetime coach and friend.


Veronica J

My husband is working through a stage 4 inflammation in his body.  With the loving help of Cheryl and her vast knowledge and the protocols she offers we have hope for his health returning.  With the top quality nutraceuticals she offers and the health benefits of her Medbed sessions which aid in his heart health in combination with the Cellsonic electromagnetic pulses and WNS my husband has these life saving  options to the conventional chemo/radiation alternatives. Thank you, Cheryl, for being with us on this journey, answering our questions and explaining what you do that helps his body respond to optimal health.

As a physically active person who uses their body for work, and as someone who suffers from chronic injuries from a near fatal car accident a decade ago; I have struggled to find therapies that actually improve my quality of life. In only two sessions of WNS with Cheryl, I experienced a greatly increased range of motion and emotion, the associated pain released to a significant extent.

If you are ready to actually make progress, to face your injuries and life choices, to reconnect with your body in ways you had allowed yourself to forget, then talk to Cheryl and give WNS a chance.

Myles d.

Collin d.

To begin, my name is Collin Danforth and I sought out Cheryl Cerda for her body work services because I was having some severe back pain and mobility issues. I had gone to chiropractors for months, I received services for months and there was only mild improvement….I went to my doctor at Kaiser and they didn’t give me any treatment… I was walking around with horrible pain everyday with no other options and getting desperate for relief…I couldn’t go back to work until I had this issue resolved! I continued my search for doctors and found Cheryl Cerda with Wolf Non-Surgical. When I booked my first appointment I felt immediately relieved…she assured me that we could work together to alleviate my pain. During my appointment she asked me very direct questions and made it clear what she was going to do and what I should expect, she explained that her method of healing can be quite stimulating… After identifying my areas of pain. Cheryl explained the process and she got to work. It got my attention at first, this is not some pleasant massage someone comes to take their mind off things, this is REAL healing… She used her elbows, and got to work on my areas of pain. We started with my upper back which had, every day after work, given me deep pain… After a full hour of an intense session I knew I found my body work expert…no one takes care of you like Cheryl does. She responds perfectly to your every need, she knows how to read your body and pain levels in order to properly work out those long years of stiffness and pain… And for those with scar tissue you are going to love this treatment. Only thing I have found that actually breaks up scar tissue permanently… During the session you are also releasing the emotions that are buried in those painful places, This is not a one time in and out. But after 5 sessions the pain was less and less every time we got into a session…going deeper and deeper into the muscle.. I went back to work after almost giving up for first time in a year and I could not even describe how amazing this work made me feel…to have that long pain go away is a relief that is unforgettable..and much better than masking it with pain pills. If you are suffering from bodily injury or just have any difficulties with your body and health, I highly recommend giving Cheryl Cerda a call. There is no relief like the true release of long term pain. I can honestly say I am back to work with a healthy smile 🙂 If you are going through pain. Even if the pain has been around for more than 10 years, I believe that this practice can help give you the real relief from pain that you may have never thought possible. I want to thank Cheryl Cerda with all my heart and hope you make the choice to live pain free -Collin Danforth

First let me say what an amazing experience it is having someone so knowledgeable to help you when you decide to embark on the Perfect Day Protocol. Cheryl conducted the Perfect Day Consultation with me. She asked in-depth questions regarding my daily routine, the types of food I consume, my sleep patterns, and yes, even how my body processed the foods and liquids consumed. I was asked about my health and whether I was on prescription medications, if I had surgeries, if I was in pain and if so where the pain was located as well as intensity. I felt nothing was left out and as such when I started the
Perfect Day Protocol I was 100% ready! Cheryl continues to check in with me because she really cares about each person and wants everyone to experience the healthiest and best selves they can be. I have been on the Perfect Day Protocol for 2 and ½ months and will never go back!

Something I will mention separately is the information and products Cheryl shared on the Vaginal Infusions. At first, I thought to myself, will I really do this? The time involved is about an hour and for me I needed to do the infusions at least two times a week. I am one of those women who experienced very few symptoms related to menopause. The one that was the worst was the vaginal dryness. This  was very disturbing as it greatly impacted my husband and I’s sex life as intercourse was very painful and  usually resulted in the vaginal walls bleeding. I did not want to start an estrogen protocol so was doing various things to include organic yam cream and intensive light therapy through my gynecologist that
was EXCEPTIONALLY painful. Cheryl introduced me to the vaginal infusion treatments and within two  months of starting them my husband and I were back to spontaneous sex (rather then planned and bracing for the pain of intercourse). Believe me, I will continue the Vaginal Infusions indefinitely!

The Perfect Day Consultation BY

Kelly O.

The Perfect Day Consultation BY

Gregory C

I feel very fortunate to be writing this testimonial for the Perfect Day Consultation Cheryl provided for me. She created the Perfect Day Protocol that I now follow happily, knowing how much healthier and energetic I feel. I never thought I would become a vegetarian or that I would ever want to give up eating dairy products. Through Cheryl I found many tasty new recipes and products that replaced the dairy, meat, and gluten that I was eating. Along with my new diet of healthy food, Cheryl also recommended and supplied me with some amazing nutraceuticals.

I am also using the Avacen twice daily and through using it I am experiencing less and less joint pain. I have also had the use of Cheryl’s Bioptron and that has relieved joint stiffness in my knees. I am amazed by Cheryl’s knowledge of the human body and how to heal it. Cheryl is thoughtful and personal in the way she communicates and approaches her work.

Cheryl has worked on my back, neck, shoulders, knees, and legs with Wolfe Non-Surgical. I find it comforting that she explains what she is going to do with that particular part of the body, why she is doing it and the benefits her work will bring to you.

I am 69 years young and since I have been following this protocol and having Cheryl facilitate the healing of my body with WNS, I feel several years younger. I will be forever grateful for the healing and benefits to my health and lifestyle changes that Cheryl helped me create.

Run don’t walk to get a consult with Cheryl, that is, if you can run. If you cannot, I assure you after working with Cheryl and allowing her to work on you and with you for whatever suggested time frame, you will indeed be running once again. My right knee had a torn meniscus which usually requires in the western medical world an operation where the tear is cut out. Cheryl suggested not to have the surgery and explore deep body work coupled with the taking off nutraceuticals, supplements, and building upon my already healthy plant based diet. 8 months in, I no longer experience pain in my right knee and I can hike and ski with no discomfort whatsoever. Cheryl is a true healer in every sense of the word. Cheryl is someone who also practices what she preaches, her passion and love for living a life filled with vitality, connection and absolute freedom from constraints is what I’ve experienced in my process. Forever grateful. Rob. Sacramento, Ca.

Rob g.

in Sacramento


 My name is Joanna, I’m 34yrs old. 
I can’t say enough about my experience with Cheryl. She has a wealth of knowledge about the human body in all levels, including physically, mentally, and emotionally. Her energy is so uplifting, time with her goes by fast. I sought for a Wolfe Non-Surgical practitioner, and Dr. Wolfe gave me her contact. I had previously had my Perfect Day consult with someone else, though would had love to have it with her. She is a gem, and we are blessed to have her here in California.